Equip Your Team With the NeuroJourney™ Method

Training events for teams and core leaders. Workshops will equip you and your team with how to deploy the NeuroJourney™ method as well as give a comprehensive and scientific understanding of the brain science behind the methodology.

2-Working Days & Materials


Know Your Consumer More, Know Your Effectiveness 

Includes a Workshop on the NeuroJourney™. A certified Brand Champion Strategist will perform a detailed consumer journey analysis. During the audit you will also receive consumer journey maps. The Brand Champions team will create a statistical data model to create your consumer personas from over 250 consumer unique data variables. Your consumer journey will then be evaluated based upon the NeuroJourney™ methodology. Finally recommendations for calibrated growth and maturity based on the NeuroJourney™ will be presented.

Typically 3-6 Weeks.


Grow Your Capabilities Across the Consumer Journey & Experience Using the NeuroJourney™

Includes Audit. A Brand Champions team will lead your company through a comprehensive cross-channel implementation process of communication strategies using the NeuroJourney™ methodology. We will then support the implementation with relevant technology & services where appropriate. Typical implementations include deploying or improving various channels including: Websites, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Radio, YouTube, Direct Mail, Podcasts, Call Centers, Sales Scripts, Appointment Scripts, Marketing Automation, and more. Statistical analysis is used throughout the implementation to optimize campaign effectiveness.

9 Months +


Scale Faster With Dedicated Resources

Custom projects with a need for dedicated resources. Have a project you need a full-time dedicated resource to help you implement? We have you covered. Get access to our brilliant strategists through our dedicated arraignments. 

Varies by Scope


Invite Us to Speak at Your Next Event

Do you need a speaker for your next event? We have spoken at numerous trainings and conferences. With us speaking about the NeuroJourney™ methodology, you can guarantee to stimulate and inspire minds for a wide range of understanding while hearing a number of 'Wow, I never thought of that before' from your attendees. 

Varies by Scope

All Sales & Marketing Happen in the Brain. Unfortunately Many Companies Don't Understand How the Brain Actually Makes Decisions and Have a Method to Best Align Consumer Communications with the Realities of Human Biology.

Nate Jameson, Founder & CEO